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Provides High Volume Low Speed Fan (HVLS Fan) with remarkable power saving, affordable fits both usage for indoors and outdoor.

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Unhealthy Working Conditions Created By High Temperatures Can Cause Heat Stress

This will resulting in low morale, lateness, absenteeism and reduced attention to safety. When we talk about safety, it means, the risk of injuries, potential health issue will occur, which resulting in low productivity in the workplace.

Significance test shows that the optimum temperature range for performance in this study was between 22 °C (slightly cold) and 26 °C (a little higher than neutral).

Warm and discomfort environment has negative effect on both motivation and performance worker.



High Volume & Low Speed Fan

Efficient Energy Saving

Suitable For Indoor & Outdoor

2.4 – 7.9 Meter In Diameter Fan Size

Environmentally Friendly

When Area Heats Up

Giant Fan Lower Down The Temps & Energy Bills

Giant Fan Marketing (GFM) HVLS Fan is a high volume, low speed fan with efficient power/energy saving. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage.

With a wide fan size between 2.4 – 7.9 meter in diameter, it is enough to cover a 300 – 800m² area.

The system used in the fan motor is environmentally friendly which is ideal for ventilation, cooling and naturalising the air humidity in the large space.

Homegrown With Distinctive Blade Design

Maximise the Air Volume Tremendously

Advance fluid test software is used to design the blade like helicopter to ensure maximum air volume is achieved. The blade is built using imported high strength aluminium-magnesium alloy.

The blade surface is covered with three layers of anti-corrosion treatment using flourocarbon material to ensure the blade withstands the test of time.

All of these distinctive blade design, which were locally enginereed, resulting in higher amount of wind produced while consuming less energy. Thus, energy efficiency that makes our blade different from our competitiors.

Permanent Magnet Technology & Ultra Silence

High Torque & Low Speed
Low Running Temperature
Fully Sealed Item
Long Life Material
Ultra Quiet Gear Motors
Maintenance Free

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Fast Delivery & Ready Stock

24/7 Technical Support

High Quality Material

Free Site Consultation

Low Price & Affordable

Repairs All Types of HVLS Fan

It's Our Priority

We Don't Compromise On Quality And Safety

⦁ Mill Test Certificate (Tensile Test)
⦁ Product Certification Licence
⦁ Certificate of Compliance
(WEG Drives & Controls)
⦁ ISO Certificate (IME)
⦁ Suruhanjaya Tenaga Certificate
⦁ Test & Quality Certificate


X Series HVLS Fan is High Volume Low Speed Fan with remarkable power saving, fits both usage for indoors and outdoor. The fan diameter size is 2.4 – 7.3 meters to calculate air across an area up to 300 – 800 square meters. The X System is environment friendly, ideal for ventilation, cooling and naturalize humidity of air in large spaces.

Direct Drive Motor System

Intelligent Control

Airfoil Blade

Stylish Winglet

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